MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood for Escape From Fire

MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood for Escape From Fire

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  • Provides 15 minutes of protection from toxic and harmful gases
  • Ideal for use in evacuation scenarios and escape from fire
  • Easy to put on and provides immediate protection
  • Crucial breathing time in an emergency MORE INFORMATION

MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood For Escape From Fire

The MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood For Escape From Fire is designed to protect a person endangered by smoke and gases generated by fires, including lethal carbon monoxide. It provides instant protection and is rated for 15 minutes of use, giving you plenty of time to escape in normal evacuation conditions.

The MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood For Escape From Fire provides a effective protection for eyes, head and the respiratory tract, enabling a person wearing the smoke hood to rescue themselves with little risk. The smoke hood is an ideal evacuation garment to help ensure safety during a fire evacuation from a building.

Features of the MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood For Escape From Fire

  • Protects from harmful gases, contaminants and smoke in an emergency
  • Helps increase safety in public buildings in case of an evacuation
  • Can be placed on an unconscious person
  • Additional protection for fire rescue teams, fire marshals etc
  • Easiest donning for quick applications
  • Simple and quick handling
  • Safe protection of breathing, eyes and head
  • Also suitable for persons wearing spectacles
  • Large field of vision to keep users aware of their surroundings
  • High performance filter for up to fifteen minutes of exposure

Application of the MSA S-Cap Smoke Hood

  • Remove the hood from the vacuum sealed aluminium foil bag
  • Instructions are printed on the bag for easy and quick application
  • Place hands in a "prayer" position inside the elasticated seal
  • Lift up and pull over the head
  • Adjust the nose cup over the nose and chin
  • Tighten and adjust using the head harness as necessary

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Brand:  MSA
Style:  Smoke Hood

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