Doorline-Neatedge90 Rubber Wheelchair Ramp

Doorline-Neatedge90 Rubber Wheelchair Ramp

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Doorline-Neatedge90 Rubber Wheelchair Ramp

Wheeled mobility aids are relied on by many, from young children with physical disabilities to more mature users appreciating the support of a wheelchair or scooter. With this in mind, it will be important to ensure that all environments have sufficient accessibility. While this may seem like an extravagant, timely, and messy expense to install a fixed ramp, using a portable and versatile ramp such as the Doorline-Neatedge90 Rubber Wheelchair Ramp can cater to the needs of a wide range of individuals without compromise to practicality.

Ideal for Schools and Care Homes

Environments that are frequently used by children or the elderly will require suitable accessibility through doors in and around the building, but it is also essential that any ramps do not pose a danger to anybody else nearby. The Neatedge90 Wheelchair Ramp is made of a soft rubber, so if somebody did happen to fall nearby the surface is not likely to cause any real harm.

The soft material will also be kind to more able individuals who walk over the threshold, as it will not place an uncomfortable solid surface beneath young or fragile feet. This way, the ramp can be used by virtually anybody of any age, and in practically any environment.

Great for Industrial Use

In addition to supporting users requiring mobility aids, the Neatedge90 ramp will also be a great addition to any warehouse or industrial location where heavy or cumbersome trolleys and crates are wheeled around the building. Even a slight ridge in a doorway can render movement of a sizeable trolley difficult, and this can also be dangerous if the contents of the trolley is fragile or not steadily balanced.

By using a Rubber Wheelchair Ramp, manoeuvring industrial goods from one room to another can be both safer and easier. As the chamfered edges of the ramp can be approached from any angle, it also means that trolleys and other wheeled goods do not need to approach the door head on. 

Trimmable Rubber Design

The rubber ramp has been designed to allow for trimming. This means that, if your chosen size (see below) does not exactly fit the doorway as intended, it can be altered to a more practical size. This also allows the benefit of being cut to make may for any protruding obstacles that may otherwise obstruct the ramp area.

Durable Weatherproof Material

The rubber of the Doorline-Neatedge90 Wheelchair Ramp is both durable and waterproof. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It can also be used in wet rooms or around showers, both increasing accessibility and reducing the risks of slipping where the flooring is made from a naturally slippery material.

Available Sizes

The Doorline-Neatedge90 Rubber Wheelchair Ramp has a width of 90cm (35") and a maximum capacity of 500kg (79 stone). It is available in the following sizes to ensure the most practical fit:

Size Height Length Weight
Small 1.5cm (0.6") 12cm (4.5") 1.4kg (3.1lb)
Medium 2.5cm (1") 20cm (8") 3.3kg (7.3lb)
Large 5cm (2") 40cm (16") 12kg (26.5lb)
Extra Large 7.5cm (3") 60cm (24") 26kg (57.3lb)

Please select your required size from the drop-down  menu at the top of the page.


Brand:  Doorline
Style:  Wheelchair Ramp

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