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Bariatric Stretchers

Evacuation stretchers are an ideal way of supporting a patient from an emergency, whether that is out of a building or off a mountain. Bariatric stretchers are an ideal way to ensure that weight is distributed evenly and that operators do not strain themselves. Bariatric stretchers have a higher weight capacity, allowing them to provide adequate support for a larger range of people. If you require further information about bariatric stretchers, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.
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Bariatric EvacMat Stretcher
Bariatric EvacMat Stretcher
  • Suitable for the evacuation of bariatric patients
  • Slippery but durable base for smooth movement over any surface
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical evacuations
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Stretchers are designed to help provide support and comfort for those who need to be evacuated in an emergency, especially if they have suffered from an injury or their mobility is otherwise impaired. Receiving the right level of support is crucial, for otherwise the patient could be left in discomfort or have their injury further aggravated by not having their body supported in the correct manner. Bariatric stretchers have a higher weight load capacity than normal stretchers, meaning increased support is offered to a wide range of people.

The use of bariatric stretchers is important not only for comforting the patient, but ensuring the operators are not at risk of any strains or injuries. A bariatric stretcher is designed for a heavier weight so it is able to distribute that weight effectively across the whole of the stretcher rather than one area taking the strain. This even weight distribution enables it to be spread equally between the operators for balance and safety. An uneven weight load effects the balance of the stretcher, potentially putting both the patient and the operators at risk.

Bariatric stretchers offer an ideal way of helping to provide additional support and comfort to a patient in the event that a normal stretcher would not do so. The support given early on is essential when it comes to their recovery, for lack of it could hinder the process depending on the nature of the injury.

If you require further information about bariatric stretchers, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to assist you.