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Evacuation Sheets

Evacuations cause a number of problems for a number of reasons. Evacuation sledges are ideal, but what if the person is bed-ridden and moving them is dangerous? This is where evacuation sheets are useful; the entire mattress can then be converted into the evacuation sledge. The patient doesn't have to be moved and can be safely evacuated. Evacuation sheets can vary depending on what type of mattress is being used, from anti-pressure to air mattresses. If you require further information about evacuation sheets, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.

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Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet
Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet
  • Designed to be used with an alternating air mattress
  • Turns the entire mattress into an evacuation sledge in an emergency
  • Remains under the mattress at all times for convenience
  • Straps and pockets secure the patient when in use
£60.90£73.08 inc VAT

Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge
Alerta Emergency Evacuation Sledge
  • Evacuation sledge to transport immobile patients in emergencies
  • Ideal for use in care homes, hospitals and residential care
  • Chest and leg straps help to secure the patient during transfers
  • Supplied in a compact wall-mountable bag for ease of access
£74.15£88.98 inc VAT

  • Evacuation sledge for enclosed spaces or narrow corridors
  • Comfortable and supportive for user
  • Highly manoeuvrable with two pull handles
  • Suitable for almost any interior surface
£169.16£202.99 inc VAT

Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet
Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet
  • Use in conjunction with a standard foam mattress
  • Attach to mattress during evacuation
  • Silicone base and suitable for all surfaces
  • Costs effective evacuation solution
£72.49£86.99 inc VAT

Harvest Evacuation Sheet for Harvest Alternating Mattresses
Harvest Evacuation Sheet for Harvest Alternating Mattresses
  • Suitable for the Harvest Alternating Mattresses, both replacement and overlay
  • Safely evacuates patients on the active air mattress
  • Ideal for nursing and care home environments
  • Complies with rules and regulations about fire safety
£118.49£142.19 inc VAT

Harvest Evacuation Wall Mounted Mattress with Storage Bag
Harvest Evacuation Wall Mounted Mattress with Storage Bag
  • Safe evacuation of patients with restricted mobility
  • Safety straps for security
  • Easy storage when not in use
  • Foam base for additional comfort
£127.37£152.84 inc VAT

MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet
MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet
  • Emergency evacuation sheet for quick and safe patient transit
  • Especially suited to hospitals, hospices and nursing homes
  • Heavy-duty fastening straps ensure patient safety at all times
  • Can be successfully operated with as little as two people
£32.14£38.57 inc VAT

S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge
S-CAPEPOD Bariatric Evacuation Sledge
  • Evacuation sledge for bariatric patients up to 300kg
  • Designed for safer evacuation during emergencies
  • Easy to store and quick to deploy for convenience
  • Extra abdominal belts provide improved security
£416.66£499.99 inc VAT

S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sledge for Bedridden Patients
S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sledge for Bedridden Patients
  • Evacuation sheet to rescue bedridden patients in emergencies
  • For use with all types of static and dynamic pressure care mattresses
  • Fire-retardant and antibacterial for hygiene and safety
  • Stores conveniently under the mattress for quick deployment
£128.32£153.98 inc VAT
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There are a number of different factors to be taken into account when planning the evacuation of a building. This is especially true of somewhere like a hospital, where not only may there be people with mobility issues, but there may be those who are completely bedridden. Moving them could be detrimental to their health or not possible, ruling out the use of evacuation chairs or stretchers. The use of evacuation sheets, however, can overcome this problem.

Designed to be left attached to the mattress at all times, evacuation sheets enables the entire mattress to be transformed into an emergency evacuation sledge. This is done due to the surface on the base of the sheet enabling the mattress to be moved by one or two operators in the case of a fire evacuation. Long handles move the sheet, bringing the whole mattress with it and making it so the patient never has to get out of the bed even in an emergency.

Evacuation sheets come in a number of styles. This makes them suitable for different mattress types, whether it is an alternating air mattress or an anti-pressure mattress. Evacuation from a building couldn't be easier, even if the patient is unable to get out of bed. Use an evacuation sheet and suddenly you have an entire emergency evacuation sledge ready to go.

If you require any further information about evacuation sheets, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to assist you.