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All Evacuation Chair Accessories

When you have an evacuation chair, you might find that you have a number of different accessories that come with it. This can vary from a sign to an anti-theft device. All these evacuation chair accessories help to improve the safety throughout your building by informing individuals of what needs to be done. If you require further information on evacuation chair accessories, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to help.
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Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair and Upright Stand
Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair and Upright Stand
  • Allows you to buy the Evac+Chair 300 AMB and Upright Stand together
  • Ideal for businesses that require evacuation equipment
  • Helps ensure your equipment is always close to hand when required
  • Ensures less mobile individuals are able to escape in an emergency
£828.99£994.79 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Anti-Theft Device
Evac+Chair Anti-Theft Device
  • Key controlled alarm to protect your evacuation chair
  • Acts as a deterrent for thieves due to the appearance
  • Can be used to protect other office assets if required
  • Small and easy to install
£98.33£118.00 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Comfy Seat
Evac+Chair Comfy Seat
  • Cushioned support for the Evac+Chair
  • Provides additional comfort for the Evac+Chair
  • Cushioned seat for comfort for the user
  • Suitable for use with the Evac+Chair
£122.49£146.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat
Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat
  • Brightly coloured and easy to use transfer device
  • Designed to be used with the Evac+Chair Evacuation chairs
  • Designed to transfer patients from wheelchairs to the evacuation chair
  • Suitable for indoor use only
£169.16£202.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Reception Notice
Evac+Chair Reception Notice
  • Informs visitors that evacuation chairs are an option in an emergency
  • Reminds guests to inform the appropriate person to any mobility issues
  • Framed notice to fit in with an office/business environment
  • Sleek and professional finish to the notice
£54.99£65.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet
Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet
  • Stainless steel cabinet designed for storing the Evac+Chairs
  • Lock and key to guarantee safety of the chairs
  • Epoxy metal finish for a sleek and professional appearance
  • Secure and easy way of storing the evacuation chairs
£491.00£589.20 inc VAT

Evacusafe Basic Operator Evacuation Chair Training
Evacusafe Basic Operator Evacuation Chair Training
  • Teaches staff both theory and practice of evacuation chairs
  • Meets with regulations and the fire safety act
  • Improves confidence using the evacuation chairs
  • Teaches how to use and care for the chair
£712.49£854.99 inc VAT

Upright Stand for the Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs
Upright Stand for the Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs
  • Can be placed in key areas where an evacuation chair is likely to be required
  • Designed for use with the 300H, 500 and 600H evacuation chairs
  • Self-standing support helps avoid the need for wall brackets
  • Chair mounts quickly and easily onto the Evac+Stand
£104.16£124.99 inc VAT
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Evacuation chairs are an ideal way of providing safety for all of the visitors in a building. For those who are disabled, pregnant or injured, evacuation chairs or evacuation sledges are a safe way out of the building, guaranteeing there is always an exit available when the lifts are out of use and the stairs prove to be troublesome. But with an evacuation chair comes a range of different accessories to help enhance the chair and improve the safety of everyone in the building.

Evacuation chair accessories come in a range of different products. From notice signs to anti-theft devices, evacuation chair accessories help to keep both the people in the building and the chair itself secure. Evacuation chair accessories make the chair easy to store and can even help provide additional comfort for the user when they have to use it.

There are a range of different evacuation chair accessories available. This allows you to pick the ones that are most suitable for your situation and can aid your escape plan the most. You might find that all of the accessories are ideal for your purposes or perhaps you only require one or two of them to have everything you need for a safe fire evacuation.

If you require further information about evacuation chair accessories or have a general enquiry about evacuation chairs, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to assist you.