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Troll Stretcher

Evacuations tend to come at difficult times in awkward places; they would not be needed otherwise. On some occasions, a standard evacuation stretcher will not be efficient to transport the patient to safety. When that happens, troll stretchers are ideal. Designed for use in more extreme environments such as snow, troll stretchers offer support and protection for the patient while being easy to use for the operator. If you require any additional information about the troll stretchers, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.

Emergencies and evacuations can be required from the harshest conditions and environments, such as snowy mountain ranges or tight, enclosed spaces. While a range of evacuation stretchers are out there to provide different levels of support, they may not be suited for these sorts of environments. This is where troll stretchers come in, as they are suitable for more extreme conditions such as coming down off a mountain.

Troll stretchers are an ideal way to provide the right level of support and protection for your patients, regardless of the environment they are in. This support is essential for not only will it help to keep them calm, it also prevents any injuries from being further aggravated by not having the right level of support. The right level of support from the offset can help aid their recovery further down the line.

There are a range of troll stretchers available depending on your requirements. Some are suitable for running over snow, with a ski-type base for smoothness. Long straps connect to the end of the stretcher allow the operator to take the weight and slide the troll stretcher along the ground. Troll stretchers are designed in such a way that patients are secured safely through a number of straps and the base is designed to absorb the impact to improve their comfort.

If you require any further information about troll stretchers or have a general enquiry, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to assist you.