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In some emergencies, an evacuation chair may not be suitable, especially if someone has been taken ill or injured. Evac stretchers allow patients to be moved in a swift and smooth manner. An evac stretcher can have a range of different uses, from transporting patients in an emergency to helping to transfer them from one bed to another when times are calm. The diverse use of evac stretchers makes them a useful piece of equipment. if you have any enquiries about evac stretchers, contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.

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Spencer Dakar Basket Stretcher
Spencer Dakar Basket Stretcher
  • Versatile basket stretcher for a number of environments/rescues
  • Front wheels for short transfers across the ground
  • Telescopic handles to make lifting easy and safe
  • In-built mattress and footrest for patient comfort
£957.14£1,148.57 inc VAT

Spencer Twin Shell Two Piece Basket Stretcher
Spencer Twin Shell Two Piece Basket Stretcher
  • Twin shell stretcher can be divided in half for transport and storage
  • Highly robust and flexible stretcher suitable for difficult terrain 
  • Removable mattress impermeable to blood and water
  • 12 handles evenly placed in the perimeter for easy handling
£752.86£903.43 inc VAT

Bariatric EvacMat Stretcher
Bariatric EvacMat Stretcher
  • Suitable for the evacuation of bariatric patients
  • Slippery but durable base for smooth movement over any surface
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical evacuations
£577.14£692.57 inc VAT

Spencer Shell Universal Basket Stretcher
Spencer Shell Universal Basket Stretcher
  • Handholds part of the perimeter to easily and securely move the stretcher
  • Suitable for different environments including water, altitude or in a mine
  • Impermeable to blood or water to ensure hygiene
  • Highly robust and flexible universal basket stretcher
£521.43£625.72 inc VAT

Spencer Total Recovery Stretcher
Spencer Total Recovery Stretcher
  • Versatile stretcher that can be stored in a backpack
  • Suitable for difficult and hard to access environments
  • Bright yellow for clear visibility
  • Offers patient security, comfort and immobilisation
£468.57£562.28 inc VAT

ResQmat Flexible Evacuation Stretcher
ResQmat Flexible Evacuation Stretcher
  • Highly padded evacuation stretcher
  • Easily stored in highly visible bag
  • Adjustable velcro straps for secure fit
  • Thick head pillow ensures patient comfort
£449.99£539.99 inc VAT

Spencer IT Spencer SXR Pick Up Stretcher
Spencer IT Spencer SXR Pick Up Stretcher
  • Spoon-like stretcher prevents moving a patient before lifting
  • Quick and easy to connect the two sides of the stretcher
  • Narrow foot end to improve manoeuvrability in enclosed spaces
  • Lightweight yet highly resistant for durability
£315.71£378.85 inc VAT

AlbacMat Flexible Evacuation Stretcher
AlbacMat Flexible Evacuation Stretcher
  • Self contained evacuation stretcher
  • Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, pubs and clubs
  • Safely glides over interior and exterior surfaces
  • Attached foil blanket
£247.41£296.89  -  £318.85 inc VAT

  • Evacuation sledge for enclosed spaces or narrow corridors
  • Comfortable and supportive for user
  • Highly manoeuvrable with two pull handles
  • Suitable for almost any interior surface
£158.57£190.28 inc VAT

ParAid ACR Replacement Stretcher Strap
ParAid ACR Replacement Stretcher Strap
  • Designed for use with the ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint system
  • Secures a child or infant in the back of an ambulance
  • Replacement straps for the ParAid ACR
  • Colour coded and machine washable
£24.16£28.99 inc VAT
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There are a wide range of premises that fall under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If you are a business or a workplace, this is relevant to you. Under the order, it is essential that an escape route is available at all times for all people, including those who are disabled, pregnant or injured. An evacuation chair is a key solution to this problem. However, there are times when a chair may not be appropriate; a person may need to be immobilised in the event of an injury, for example. This is where evac stretchers are suitable.

Under the order, evac stretchers (or any evacuation equipment) should not be used without the operator being appropriately trained. If an injury has occurred, it is dangerous for an untrained operator to use the evac stretcher for it could lead to further or more severe injuries. Training can be provided for the use of evacuation stretchers.

Evac stretchers are suitable for a range of different uses. From evacuating people in an emergency to being used to transport them from one location to another, the diverse use of an evac stretcher makes it an ideal piece of equipment. There is a range of evac stretchers available, from those used by the professionals such as ambulance crews to those more suited for sport injury evacuations.

If you require further information or to enquire about training for evac stretchers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team on 020 7720 2266.