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Evac Chairs are designed to smoothly descent the stairwell in the event of an emergency. Use of an evacuation chair ensures those with mobility problems are not presented with escape problems in an emergency. Evac chairs come in a range of different styles and designs to best suit the building type they are being used in, including different stair types such as steep or spiralled. If you require more information about evacuation chairs, call our team on 020 7720 2266.

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Evac+Chair 600H Evacuation Chair
Evac+Chair 600H Evacuation Chair
  • Two additional handles for hard access places
  • 2 - 4 operators required for use
  • Anti-slip handles for ease of grip when using
  • Safety belt and head restraints for security
£842.49£1,010.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair 500 Evacuation Chair
Evac+Chair 500 Evacuation Chair
  • Designed to be suitable for steep staircases
  • Two people are required for operation
  • Increased weight capacity of up to 227kg
  • Easy to fold away and compact to store
£834.00£1,000.80 inc VAT

Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair
Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair
  • One person operated evacuation chair for ease of escape
  • Large rear wheels for prolonged/outside use
  • Safety restraints and belts for secure movement
  • Anti-slip handle to help maintain your grip when in use
£669.99£803.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair 600H-AMB Evacuation Chair
Evac+Chair 600H-AMB Evacuation Chair
  • Large rear wheels for suitability to outside and prolonged use
  • Two additional handles for ease of movement
  • Designed for hard access places including going up stairs
  • Two to four operators required to use the chair
£854.16£1,024.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Comfy Seat
Evac+Chair Comfy Seat
  • Cushioned support for the Evac+Chair
  • Provides additional comfort for the Evac+Chair
  • Cushioned seat for comfort for the user
  • Suitable for use with the Evac+Chair
£122.49£146.99 inc VAT

Evac+Chair IBEX Transeat 700H Evacuation Chair
Evac+Chair IBEX Transeat 700H Evacuation Chair
  • Suitable for spiral staircases and tight spaces
  • Designed to either ascend or descend the stairs
  • Adjustable handle for ease of use
  • Adjustable brake for safety reasons
£1,500.00£1,800.00 inc VAT

Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet
Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet
  • Stainless steel cabinet designed for storing the Evac+Chairs
  • Lock and key to guarantee safety of the chairs
  • Epoxy metal finish for a sleek and professional appearance
  • Secure and easy way of storing the evacuation chairs
£442.67£531.20 inc VAT

Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair and Upright Stand
Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair and Upright Stand
  • Allows you to buy the Evac+Chair 300 AMB and Upright Stand together
  • Ideal for businesses that require evacuation equipment
  • Helps ensure your equipment is always close to hand when required
  • Ensures less mobile individuals are able to escape in an emergency
£803.99£964.79 inc VAT

Evacusafe Evacuation Chair
Evacusafe Evacuation Chair
  • Single operator required for evacuation
  • Runs over most surfaces, including carpet
  • Straightforward and easy to deploy
  • Padded armrests and head support for comfort
£586.99£704.39 inc VAT

Evacusafe Evacuation Chair Excel
Evacusafe Evacuation Chair Excel
  • Suitable for a single user operator
  • Wide seat for additional comfort
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Collapses flat for easy storage 
£674.99£809.99 inc VAT

Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2
Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2
  • Evacuation transit chair with tri-wheel design
  • Ideal for businesses and buildings to improve emergency safety
  • Tri-wheel system helps reduce manual handling involved
  • Can be operated with two or more individuals
£273.99£328.79 inc VAT
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Evac chairs were developed in the United States back in 1982 to allow those with mobility problems to have an escape route in the event of an emergency. Evac chairs are designed to smoothly descend the stairwell without any heavy lifting taking place. They have, however, branched out since then and now evacuation chairs can ascend as well as descend stairs, providing wider access to a larger number of places.

There is a wide range of evac chairs available to suit your purposes. Whether you require an ambulance chair or a fire evacuation chair, the different styles can be obtained. Inside, outside, upstairs or down, an evac chair can be found to suit the type of environment you are working in to ensure easy access and escape for those who need it.

Evac chairs are generally operated by one to four people, depending on the style of chair in question. Different weight bearing capabilities and the number of handles are just two elements that affect how many operators are required. The key focus of an evac chair is that the operators are there to control the chair rather than have to bear the weight of the user. 

Whether you are after a stryker chair or a ferno carry chair, all different types of evacuation chairs have the same common goal: the safety of their users - both those sitting in the chair and those operating it.

If you require further information regarding the evac chairs, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.