Rescue Stretcher

There are many different types of stretchers available. Rescue stretchers are just one of these alternatives, providing a supportive and secure way of lifting people from a potentially dangerous and hazardous situation. Rescue stretchers should only be used by those who have received the correct training to ensure further injury is not caused to either the operator or the user. There are a range of rescue stretchers available depending on your needs. If you require further information about rescue stretchers, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.

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Bariatric EvacMat Stretcher
Bariatric EvacMat Stretcher
  • Suitable for the evacuation of bariatric patients
  • Slippery but durable base for smooth movement over any surface
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical evacuations
£577.14£692.57 inc VAT

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A wide range of different evacuation stretchers are available for different situations. Whether you are evacuating from a building in an emergency, are part of an ambulance crew or helping rescue people from mountains, finding the right evacuation stretcher is important. The design must withstand the hazards of the situation, regardless of whether that is rocky terrain or enclosed spaces.

Rescue stretchers are just one of the options available for you. Offering support and comfort for the user and easy to handle for the operator, the rescue stretchers are suitable for transportation, reducing the number of transfers that a patient must go through until they have the right level of support. Rescue stretchers can vary with different handholds and weight bearing capabilities, but all are designed to help make an evacuation in a rough terrain easier.

Having the required evacuation training before using a rescue stretcher is highly important. Without it, the risk of injury to both the operator and the user is increased, complicating the rescue and preventing an operator from being able to carry out their work effectively if they have suffered from a strain. Rescue stretchers are a highly useful piece of equipment but only if they are handled in the correct manner.

There are a range of rescue stretchers available through Evacuation Chair Shop. If you require any further information or have a general enquiry, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to help.