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Evacuation Chair Cabinets

Evacuation chairs are a suitable way of evacuating those who cannot use the stairs in an emergency. But for the rest of the time, the chair must be stored. This is when the evacuation chair cabinets are ideal as they safely and securely store the chairs out of the way. Evacuation chair cabinets are suited for particular chairs due to the way they fold up and fit in. If you require further information about evacuation chair cabinets, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.
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Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet
Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet
  • Stainless steel cabinet designed for storing the Evac+Chairs
  • Lock and key to guarantee safety of the chairs
  • Epoxy metal finish for a sleek and professional appearance
  • Secure and easy way of storing the evacuation chairs
£491.00£589.20 inc VAT

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For those who cannot use the stairs during an emergency, the use of an evacuation chair is an answer to many problems. It safely and securely evacuations those with restricted mobility and ensures there is an exit route for anyone who may be in the building in an emergency regardless of whether they can walk the stairs on their own or not. But the chair is only needed a few times - hopefully not at all. The rest of the time, it must be safely stored away in a way that does not damage the chair and does not become a hazard.

Evacuation chair cabinets are an ideal solution for this problem. The cabinets differ depending on the evacuation chair being stored in them, for the chairs fold down and fit into the cabinet in a secure and safe manner. The door of a cabinet has the ability to be locked, helping to protect your evacuation chair. Evacuation chair cabinets are a safe and convenient way of storing the chair. As it is out of the way and behind a closed door, it is safe from harm and theft, ensuring it is in a fully workable condition the next time you need it.

Evacuation chair cabinets are just one method of storing your chair when you do not require it. If you wish for further information on the evacuation chair cabinets or have a general enquiry, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to assist you.