Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue StretcherFerno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher 
Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

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Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical lifting, the Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher facilitates emergency rescue underground, in confined spaces, from high buildings, and in situations where helicopter lifting is required. The stretcher features a colour-coded strapping system for secure use, and is approved for use by many authorities including NATO.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ferno Rescue Stretcher
  • 1 x Storage Back Pack

To enhance the efficacy of your Ferno stretcher, a range of optional accessories are also available for purchase. Please see further down the page for more information.

Which Type of Rescues Can the Ferno Stretcher Be Used For?

Owing to its suitability for both horizontal and vertical lifting, the versatile Ferno Rescue Stretcher can facilitate emergency rescues in a wide range of situations. Suitable scenarios include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Collapsed buildings
  • Confined spaces
  • Helicopter rescues
  • High building evacuations
  • Industrial accidents
  • Underground rescues
  • Use as a vertical stretcher

How Easy to Use Is the Paraguard Excel Stretcher?

The Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher is designed to be as easy to use as possibly during a rescue. Carrying handles fix onto the head and foot ends to enable two rescuers to manoeuvre the stretcher with ease. Additionally, the strapping system is colour coded to ensure that the casualty can be secured into the stretcher as quickly and as easily as possible.

How Many Rescuers Are Needed to Carry the Stretcher?

The stretcher can be operated by as few as two rescuers. This improves safety for both the rescuers and the casualty.

How Safe Is the Excel Stretcher for the Casualty?

As the injured individual may be suffering from unknown complications, it's vital that they're strapped into the stretcher securely. The strapping system allows for their chest, arms, thighs, and lower legs to be positioned safely. The three-point non-slip forehead strap also holds the casualty's head in place, while a figure-of-eight strap secures the feet.

How Hygienic Is the Ferno Paraguard Stretcher?

The Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher is incredibly hygienic and easy to maintain. It is impervious to oil, water, and grease, and is also resistant to rot. Additionally, the fully heat-sealed flaps are easy to clean for enhanced infection control.

How Easy Is It to Store the Stretcher?

A stretcher is an essential bit of kit for an emergency search and rescue team, and it's important to ensure it remains protected when not in use. As such, a valise backpack is provided with the stretcher to keep it safe and secure during both transportation to locations and when not in use.

Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher Accessories

    Ensuring you can get the most out of the Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher, a selection of accessories are compatible. Please see below for more information.

    Technical Specifications

    • Overall Dimensions When Deployed (LxWxD): 920 x 270 x 150mm
    • Overall Dimensions In Valise Backpack (LxW): 1820 x 250mm
    • Total Weight (without accessories): 11.5kg (25lb)
    • Maximum Load: 136kg (21 stone)


    Brand:  Ferno

    Delivery Information for the Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

    Please note that the Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher has an estimated lead time of around two weeks Please contact our customer service team on 020 7501 1103 if you require more information about the delivery of this item.

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