Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and AdultsMulti-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults 
Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults

Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults

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  • Evacuation sledge suitable for children and adults
  • Ideal for schools, hospital and other public areas
  • Dual foam construction provides a comfortable ride, even over stairs
  • Suitable for a number of situations including spiral staircases

Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults

When you're in an emergency situation such as a fire, you want to make sure that everyone can be evacuated as quickly and as safely as possible, whether they are a child or an adult. The Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults allows users to evacuate a disabled or injured child or adult down stairs and out of a building in an emergency and is ideal for use in schools, hospitals and other public areas.

Why Choose the Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge?

The Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults is a cost-effective evacuation solution with great value. Stored in a pouch that can be easily wall mounted on stairways or in an emergency location, the sledge can be placed unobtrusively while still being easily accessed when needed. The Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge has been designed for quick and easy deployment in an emergency, meaning that it is a simpler alternative to other evacuation solutions, such as chairs.

Can This Sledge Be Used for Adults?

Yes, this Evacuation Sledge is multi-use, meaning it can be used for both children and adults. The difference between this sledge and the regular Emergency Evacuation Sledge is the additional strap across the centre, which will help to secure smaller children for whom the top strap would be too high.

How Does the Child Evacuation Sledge Work?

The Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults consists of a dual level foam construction that provides protection to the user. The inner layer of foam is ideal for personal transportation, and the lower layer of foam is firm allowing the Emergency Evacuation Sledge to ride over any surfaces including carpets, concrete and bumps such as stairs. The bottom side of the Emergency Evacuation Sledge is tough and slippery ensuring that a child can be evacuated from a building quickly and easily.

What Evacuation Scenarios Is the Multi Use Child Evacuation Sledge Suitable For? 

The Emergency Evacuation Sledge is suitable for use on stairs including spiral staircases (unlike many evacuation chairs). The sledge can also be used to evacuate people over a range of flooring including carpets, tiles, and other hard floors. This product is versatile and can be used in many evacuation situations that require the emergency evacuation of a person down stairs or horizontally within the building.

Is There a Maximum Weight?

The EVSG3 Evacuation Sledge can safely bear weight up to 320kg, however the safe working load (the recommended maximum user weight for functional use) is approximately 150kg or 23 stone. 

What's Unique About the EVSG3 Evacuation Sledge?

What sets the Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge apart from the competition is the inclusion of a third strap at the centre of the sledge which makes it suitable for use with children. Without this strap, the two straps located at the top and bottom may not completely cover the body of a child or smaller adult.

The Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge can also be operated solo if required. Please see below for more details.

Can One Person Use the Evacuation Sledge Alone?

Whilst it is always recommended that an evacuation sledge be operated by two people, if the situation demands it, the Multi-Use Sledge can be loaded and used by a single person. This makes it a great option in the event of incredibly fast evacuations.

Are Instructions Included?

Yes, an instruction sheet is provided with the sledge. There is also a diagram sewn onto the sledge that demonstrates proper usage and placement of the patient.

What Safety Measures Are Included?

The Multi-Use Evacuation Sledge for Children and Adults is supplied fully equipped with 3 safety belts and a foot pocket to hold the patient in place. Pulling loops at each end of the Evacuation Sledge ensure that the sledge can be dragged or lowered down stairs with control.

Specifications of the Multi Use Child Evacuation Sledge

  • One to two people are required for operation
  • Can take a maximum user weight of 2.6 tonnes
  • Tested for fire resistance to CRIB 5

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Brand:  Evacuation Chair Shop
Style:  Evacuation Sledge
Max. Passenger Weight:  2 Tonnes
Operation Requirement:  Single Person or Two People
Ascent:  Suitable
Suitable for Outdoor Use?  Yes
Spiral Staircases?  Yes

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