Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2

Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2

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Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2

Whether you are in charge of a small office or a multi-storied building, it's integral that you have an evacuation plan in place for everyone who could be in the building, including individuals with restricted mobility. The Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2 is an innovative and easy way of navigating routes with several staircases to the exit point to help keep users with limited mobility safe.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Transit Chair
  • 1 x Dust Cover
  • 1 x Wall Hanging Kit

Key Features and Benefits

  • Tri-wheel system reduces manual handling required
  • Ideal for ascending or descending stairs
  • Requires a minimum of two operators to use
  • Sturdy but lightweight construction for safety
  • Includes a seat belt to improve user safety
  • Comfortable seat and back support prevents injury
  • Arm and footrests for increased comfort during use
  • Acts like a wheelchair for easy manoeuvrability on ground level
  • Integrated handles ensure chair is carried in correct position
  • Handle and seat can be folded down to minimise size in storage
  • Operating guide included as standard
  • Wall hanging kit is included for immediate use and safe storage

How Many Operators Does This Chair Require?

A minimum of two operators is required to operate the Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2, though this will vary depending on how heavy the person being evacuated is. The chair features built-in lifting handles for ease of use.

What Is the Maximum Load Capacity?

With a maximum load capacity of 90kg (14 stone), the Tri-Wheel Transit Chair is suitable for a wide range of users. The chair itself is lightweight but sturdy, meaning it won't add a great deal to the overall load weight.

How Can an Evacuation Chair Help Me?

If you're in charge of ensuring there is an evacuation plan in place in the case of an emergency, the Tri-Wheel Evacuation Chair is ideal for you. The chair helps ensure that individuals with restricted mobility are able to leave the building safely. This makes it suitable for pregnant users, disabled users or those who have sustained an injury and cannot evacuate the building quickly.

Not only can this evacuation chair help you, but it can also improve the comfort and dignity of the client during use. The Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair features a flat seat, and arm and footrest to help relax the client, which is integral in any emergency situation. This also helps ensure feet don't drag on the floor during use, which could reduce the efficacy of the chair.

What Makes the Tri-Wheel Design Different From Other Transit Chairs?

While most transit chairs have four wheels as standard, the rear wheels of the Tri-Wheel Evacuation Chair Mk 2 feature three wheels on each side. This helps to reduce manual handling and offers a smoother ascent or descent while navigating stairs. This particular model also features integrated armrests for improved user comfort.

Although some transit chairs are predominantly designed for navigating stairs, the Tri-Wheel Transit Chair also acts like a wheelchair so manoeuvring on level ground is as easy as possible. The chair includes a safety belt to help secure the client during use.

Can the Tri-Wheel Chair Be Stored Easily?

The handle and seat of the Tri-Wheel Transit Chair can be folded down to minimise the size of the chair in storage. This helps prevent the chair from getting in the way during day-to-day activities and ensures it can be stored close to hand so it's always within easy reach. A wall hanging kit is also included for safe storage, keeping floors clear of hazards.

Technical Specifications

  • Chair Weight: 14kg
  • Chair Dimensions When Open (HxWxL): 128 x 53 x 88cm
  • Chair Dimensions When Folded (HxWxL): 31 x 53 x 91cm
  • Seat Height: 47cm
  • Load capacity: 90kg (14 stone)

Operation Manual

Please click the link below to find the operation manual for this transit chair. If you would prefer the Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2 with Four Wheels, this is available to purchase separately.

Operation Manual for the Tri-Wheel Evacuation Chair


Brand:  Evacusafe

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