Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat

Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat

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  • Brightly coloured and easy to use transfer device
  • Designed to be used with the Evac+Chair Evacuation chairs
  • Designed to transfer patients from wheelchairs to the evacuation chair
  • Suitable for indoor use only MORE INFORMATION

Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat

An evacuation chair is a safe and secure way of providing a swift exit for those who will otherwise struggle evacuating in the event of an emergency. But for those who have difficulties with mobility anyway, shifting across to the chair can cause it's own problems. Those who are wheelchair bound need a safe way of shifting across to the evacuation chair as quickly as possible.

The Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat is the answer to this problem. The seat is a transfer device, allowing those who need the additional assistance to be moved from a wheelchair to the evacuation chair in a smooth and safe manner.

Features of the Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat

The yellow seat is an easy identifiable device that helps to transfer patients from a wheelchair to an evacuation chair. It sits flat when there is no tension in the straps, allowing the user to slide across on it. Once the straps are engaged, the seat allows the patient to be transferred across to the evacuation chair in a calm and smooth manner.

The Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat is designed to be used with the Evac+Chairs. The design of this carrier seat is to transfer patients from wheelchairs to Evac+Chairs, nothing else.

Technical Details

The Evac+ Patient Carrier Seat has the following measurements:

  Evac+Chair Patient Carrier Seat
Height 240mm
Width 500mm
Depth 520mm
Weight 1kg


Brand:  Evac+Chair
Style:  Carry Seat
Weight:  1kg
Height:  24cm
Width:  50cm
Depth:  52cm

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