ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint

ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint

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  • Ambulance Child Restraint to safely transport children
  • Colour-coded for the three different sizes for different weight ranges
  • Hygienic and meets infection standards
  • Quick access release in case of an emergency MORE INFORMATION

ParAid Ambulance Child restraint

An ambulance is designed to transport anyone in the event of an emergency, whether they are an adult or a child. This means stretchers must be designed for the largest size rather than the smallest. If a child is being transported by ambulance, they must be efficiently secured on the stretcher to ensure they are safe during the journey. Otherwise any sudden movements could put them in further danger. But how do you secure a child when access needs to be immediate in case their condition worsens?

The use of the ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint is an ideal way to secure a child in the back of an ambulance. With bright, coloured-coded straps to identify the sizing of the straps, the restraints can be used with a wide range of stretchers to guarantee the child's safety.

Features of the ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint

The restraints come in three different sizes and are easily identifiable by three different colours. The restraints are a fully adjustable harness to ensure children and infants can be safely transported in an ambulance.

The harness comes with quick release clips to enable the patient to be protected from dangerous movements in the ambulance. The quick release clips means access can be immediate to the child, especially the chest area, in the event of an emergency or their condition worsening. 

The straps are hygienic due to the following features:

  • Machine washable
  • Breathable fabric maximises airflow
  • Meets infection control standards

The straps are padded to reduce pressure sores during a long journey. They are universally compatible with any stretcher and can be used with the stretcher in a raised position. They allow a rapid change of position from upright to flat or the recovery position.

The Ambulance Child Restraint straps come with a compact storage bag for easy storage.

Technical Details

The ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint straps come in three different sizes for different weights. This weight range stems from 5kg to 45kg. The breakdown of the sizes are as follows:

  • Small: 5 - 12kg
  • Medium: 10 - 25kg
  • Large: 20 - 45kg

The straps have the following dimensions:

  ParAid Ambulance Child Restraint
Height 150mm
Width 210mm
Length 370mm
Weight 2.3kg


Style:  Ambulance Restraint
Weight:  2.3kg
Height:  150mm
Length:  370mm
Width:  210mm

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