Evac+Chair 500 Evacuation Chair

Evac+Chair 500 Evacuation Chair

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  • Designed to be suitable for steep staircases
  • Two people are required for operation
  • Increased weight capacity of up to 227kg
  • Easy to fold away and compact to store MORE INFORMATION

Evac+Chair 500 Evacuation Chair

Steep stairs can be problematic for even the most physically able people on a calm day. Things are always a little hectic when an evacuation needs to take place, regardless of how much it has been planned for. But this is made even harder when considering not everyone has the same level of mobility. Wheelchair bound or those affected by a condition that effects their mobility – especially on the stairs – cannot tackle a steep flight of stairs and there are no lifts available in an emergency. But staying behind is not an option and anyone who tries to assist them is placed in the same danger.

The Evac+Chair 500 is an ideal solution for this problem. Operated by either one or two people, this evacuation chair is specifically designed for steep stairs of angles up to 45°. No longer do sharp staircases have to be an issue for those with mobility problems.

Features of the Evac+Chair 500

The Evac+Chair 500 is designed to be operated by two people as it has an increased weight capacity of up to 227kg compared to other evacuation chairs. The design also means the chair is suitable for tackling steep staircases, helping to make it more diverse with places it can access compared to others.

The chair has large rear wheels. This not only enables the chair to be used for a prolonged period of time, but also means it can be used outside as well as inside.

The entire chair can be folded away for ease of storage, with wall mounted hooks making this a straightforward process. The anti-slip grip handles can also be folded away, allowing the chair to be stored in a compact manner.

Included with the Evac+Chair 500

The Evac+Chair 500 has the following features in order to make it comfortable and safe for use:

  • Patient restraints for safety when in use
  • Photo Luminescent Signage
  • Wall Mounted Hooks
  • Extension Strap
  • Dust Cover
  • Foot rest/restraint strap
  • User Guide

Technical Details

The Evac+Chair 500 can have an increased payload of 227kg/500lbs with two people operating the chair.

A single person can operate the chair, but the weight limit is then restricted to 182kg.

The Evac+Chair 500 has the following measurements:

  Evac+Chair 500
Height 110cm (folded) / 137cm (unfolded)
Width 52cm (folded) / 52cm (unfolded)
Depth 25cm (folded) / 114cm (unfolded)
Weight 13kg (unladen)


Brand:  Evac+Chair
Max. Passenger Weight:  227kg (2 Operators)/182kg (Single Operator)
Weight:  13kg
Folded Height:  115cm
Folded Width:  52cm
Folded Depth:  22cm
Operation Requirement:  Two People/Single Person
Stair Angle:  45

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