Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair

Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair

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  • One person operated evacuation chair for ease of escape
  • Large rear wheels for prolonged/outside use
  • Safety restraints and belts for secure movement
  • Anti-slip handle to help maintain your grip when in use MORE INFORMATION

Evac+ Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair

When it comes to an emergency, making sure that everyone can leave the building in a safe manner is highly important. But not everyone has the same mobility as others, and with the lifts out of action, stairs can prove to be a big problem. Anyone with a mobility problem - whether it is a disability, an injury or a pregnant woman - will find the stairs a struggle and are therefore in potential danger in the event of an emergency. If people remain behind to assist them, they too could be placed in danger, all because of a set of stairs.

With the Evac+ Chair 300AMB, this will no longer be an issue. Designed to be operated by one person, it is lightweight and easy to use. This chair has larger rear-wheels than other Evac+chairs, making it suitable for both prolonged use and for use outside as well as in.

Features of the Evac+Chair 300AMB

The Evac+Chair 300 AMB is very similar to the Evac+Chair 300H Mk4 in design and operation. The chair is lightweight, meaning it can be operated by one person. The handle is an anti-slip one, ensuring the user can maintain a sturdy grip during use.

The chair is designed in bright colours to ensure it is visible and accidents are avoided – a blue frame and a yellow hammock.

The chair has four wheels: two at the front and two larger ones at the rear. Unlike other evacuation chairs, this enables this one to be used outside as well as in and is longer-lasting, meaning the chair can be used for a prolonged period of time. There is also a friction belt to ensure smooth descent.

Included with the Evac+Chair 300AMB

The chair comes with the following features for easy and safe use:

  • Safety belt and head restraint to secure the user
  • Photo Luminescent Signage
  • Wall Mounted Hooks
  • Dust Cover
  • User Guide

Wall mounting hooks are provided alongside this lightweight chair. As the chair can fold neatly away, it can be stored easily and securely using the wall mount hooks.

Technical Details

The Evac+Chair 300AMB has the following measurements:

  Evac+Chair 300AMB
Height 1050mm (folded)
Width 520mm (folded)
Depth 200mm (folded)
Weight 9.5kg
Maximum User Load 182kg


Brand:  Evac+Chair
Max. Passenger Weight:  182kg
Weight:  9.5kg
Folded Height:  105cm
Folded Width:  52cm
Folded Depth:  20cm
Operation Requirement:  Single Person
Ascent:  Not Suitable
Spiral Staircases?  No

Delivery Information for the Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair

Please note that the Evac+Chair 300 AMB Evacuation Chair has an estimated delivery time of five to ten days. For more expensive or larger items, this will be closer to ten days. Please contact our customer service team on 020 7501 1103 if you require more information about the delivery of this item.

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