Evacusafe EvacSHEET Emergency Evacuation Sheet

Evacusafe EvacSHEET Emergency Evacuation Sheet

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Evacusafe EvacSHEET Emergency Evacuation Sheet

When evacuating an immobile patient during emergency, all materials used must be as simple and safe to use for maximum efficiency. The Evacusafe EvacSHEET Emergency Evacuation Sheet is designed to facilitate these scenarios, as it can be placed under a mattress at a moment's notice for use as a stretcher to remove a patient and their bedding from a fire or other emergency.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Evacuation sheet

Where Can the EvacSHEET Under Mattress Evacuation Stretcher Be Used?

As an emergency evacuation or fire can occur virtually anywhere, keeping the stretcher mat on hand will allow you to safely and effectively transport an immobile patient, resident, customer, or visitor with ease. Examples of where the EvacSHEET may prove crucial include the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Pubs
  • Trains

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible evacuation sheet for use under a mattress
  • Provides safe and efficient transfers of patients from emergency scenarios
  • Suitable for all virtually all medical and public environments
  • Quick and simple to use with colour-coded securing straps
  • Pulling straps made with high-visibility fabric for use at night
  • Stable during use with unique 'anti-capsize' design
  • Made with heavy duty flame-retardant materials
  • All surfaces are wipe clean and machine washable for hygiene maintenance

How Easy Is the Evacusafe EvacSHEET Stretcher to Use?

The EvacSHEET Sliding Evacuation Stretcher features a colour-coded three-strap securing system that allows the individual to be securely strapped into the stretcher as quickly and as easily as possible. Once you have the patient in place, the high-visibility pulling straps assist you with moving them to safety.

Is the EvacSHEET Stable During Use?

Yes, to assist with the unpredictable nature of evacuation procedures down stairwells and through doorways of different sizes, the EvacSHEET is designed with a unique 'anti-capsize' shape. This will assist the care staff in keeping the patient level during movement, helping to prevent any tipping that may otherwise occur.

How Safe Is the EvacSHEET Sliding Stretcher?

The EvacSHEET Sliding Stretcher is made from a heavy-duty flame-retardant material. This helps to keep the user safe during a fire evacuation, while the wipe-clean surface ensures it can be kept hygienic in between use.

What Patients Can Be Evacuated with the EvacSHEET?

Due to the flexible nature and colour-coded securing straps, this under-mattress evacuation sheet is suitable for the majority of adult patients. With a robust design, it is suitable for evacuation of patients weighing up to 250kg.

Can the EvacSHEET Be Stored Compactly?

The EvacSHEET is designed to be available at a moment's notice in emergencies, and so can be packed away into a secure package in any environment. When packed, the size of the EvacSHEET is 300 x 220mm.

Do I Need a Mattress to Use the EvacSHEET?

The EvacSHEET is designed to be used underneath a mattress. The sheet should be able to fit any single sized mattress, allowing carers to drag the patient and their mattress to a place of safety. The EvacSHEET cannot be used to evacuate patients without a mattress.

Technical Specifications

  • Packed Size: 300 x 220mm
  • EvacSHEET Weight: 1.6kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 250kg


Brand:  Evacusafe

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