MIP Emergency Evacuation SheetMIP Emergency Evacuation SheetMIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet
MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet

MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet

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MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet

The best evacuation sheets are simple to use so that just about anyone can perform the correct evacuation process. The MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet keeps vulnerable patients safe with multiple straps, a 400kg safe working load and two methods of securing the mattress to the bed. With complete fire-retardancy and a universal design, this mattress protects bedridden patients from being left behind in emergency situations. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Evacuation Sheet

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enables fast, safe evacuation of bed-bound patients in an emergency
  • Ideal for use in hospitals and care homes
  • Universal design is suitable for most single beds
  • Drag loops at head and foot allow rapid towing
  • Two methods of securing the sheet to the bed
  • Fitted with two fastening straps for maximum patient safety
  • Heavy-duty fastening clips ensure the patient is always secure
  • Evacuation of patient can be done by a two people
  • In-built pockets for stowing of fastening straps
  • Sheets are machine washable for hygienic use
  • CE marked in conformity with European health and safety standards
  • Fire retardant tested and passed to EN12952 standard
  • Latex free for safe use with allergies for a wide range of use
  • 400kg safe working load keeps bedridden bariatric patients safe too

Where Can I Use the MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet?

Designed for safe and quick evacuation of immobile patients in the event of an emergency, the MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet is ideal for use in nursing environments. This essential precautionary measure is ideal for use in the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Care homes
  • Private homes

How Does the MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet Work?

The MIP Emergency Evacuation Sheet is operated by two people, and works by cocooning the patient within their mattress to form a protective sledge for easy transit. The sheet is retained permanently underneath the mattress, ready at all times for use in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Instructions for Installation

  1. Remove the mattress from the bed and lay the evacuation sheet flat over the bed base
  2. Place the mattress over the evacuation sheet and refit the bedding
  3. Pull the four elastic corners over the mattress, making sure they are easily accessible

Instructions for Use

  1. Pull the straps out from under the mattress and secure around the patient using the clips
  2. Place the pillow across the patients chest to reduce the risk of minor injuries during evacuation
  3. Pull out the two pulling straps and the device is then ready for evacuation

Instructions for Evacuation

Please note that evacuation is recommended for operation with a minimum of two people.

  1. Hold the pulling straps firmly at either end of the bed and pull the mattress off the bed
  2. The second person should support the head of the patient as the mattress slides off
  3. Pull the mattress along the ground with the patient in tow to the necessary evacuation point

Maintenance and Training Recommendations

It is recommended that the stitching, webbing and fabric condition of the evacuation sheet is inspected periodically to ensure that it's in full working order. It is also recommended that a spare evacuation sheet be used for training drills, as this ensures minimal wear and tear of the sheet used in a real emergency.

Technical Specifications 

  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6lb)
  • Dimensions (H x W): 185 x 85cm
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 400kg (882lb)


Brand:  MIP

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