Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet

Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet

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  • Use in conjunction with a standard foam mattress
  • Attach to mattress during evacuation
  • Silicone base and suitable for all surfaces
  • Costs effective evacuation solution MORE INFORMATION

Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet

Emergencies and the safe evacuation from a building can be a nightmare. According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, buildings must have an evacuation plan suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of mobility. This includes restricted mobility such as a disability or an injury and even those who are bed-bound in a nurse or care home environment. A patient cannot be left behind, so what is the solution?

The Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet is the ideal answer to this problem. Designed to be used with a standard foam mattress, the sheet enables the entire mattress to be evacuated in a safe manner. The silicone base makes evacuation both swift and smooth while the sheet is secured by straps around the mattress and the user to ensure safety. If there are patients who have no mobility, then this is a suitable option for their safe evacuation.

Features of the Harvest Emergency Evacuation Sheet

  • Use with a standard foam mattress
  • Straps secure the sheet to the mattress
  • Safety straps for the user
  • Silicone coated side for a swift evacuation
  • Suitable for all surface types
  • Ideal for a nursing or care home environment
  • Meets rules and regulations for fire safety
  • Suitable for PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) or GEEP (General Emergency Evacuation Plan)
  • Safe evacuation solution for bed-bound patients


Brand:  Harvest
Style:  Evacuation Sledge
Mattress Type:  Standard Foam Mattresses

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